Monthly Devotional

“Double Standard”

“He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness until now.”

1 John 2:9

The Bible says in the book of 1 John that if we live in the light, we need to fellowship in the light. No man can love God and hate his brother. So, if I say to my wife, “I love God but I hate you,” what would God be thinking? “Well, Lord, You don’t know who I’m living with!” Well, Jesus has you. And even though He has you for the way you are, He has always loved you. What we have today is a double standard. We go to church or we go to certain places and say that we love the Lord. But then we go to other places and say that we hate our bosses and we hate this or we hate that. The Bible says that this is not to be. We might dislike our job or we might dislike our boss, but we are to love him. Therefore, we are to pray for him. The moment we hate, we stop praying. The moment we hate, we allow bitterness to begin occupying our minds, and here’s what happens—we’re blinded. So as we grow, our children are going to challenge us; people at our workplace are going to challenge us; our spouses are going to challenge us; and if we allow ourselves to lose—namely, allowing sin to take control of our minds and our actions, then we have opened a door for the enemy to begin his attack. We are no longer in the light. So let’s humble ourselves and go God’s way.

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